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Find your freedom in independent audiology

  • Live the life you want
  • With the support you need
  • Without any of the risk

Freedom & support

The winning combination

Does your audiology career give you freedom of choice? Freedom to spend quality time with who you want, when you want. To follow your interests and passions. To work where you want. To offer your best level of care, to the patients you want. Freedom without excessive pressure. Freedom to financially plan for your future.

It starts with a vision

Turning your dreams into reality
  • Our vision is to reconnect people across the world.
  • Our mission is to lead the way in independent hearing care, delivering a ‘world class’ service.
  • Achieved by a passionate culture of continuous and never-ending improvement with considerable investment in back-office support, technology, data, but most importantly, investment in the very best people.
  • Our core values of honesty, transparency and simplicity are at the heart of how we build long-standing relationships with our audiology Joint Venture Partners, our independent optical practice hosts, and crucially, our patients.

Making it happen

Competitive advantage

A partnership with Amplify is your path forward to not only survive, but thrive, in a rapidly changing hearing care market.

Dynamic marketing

We provide you with a personalised, tried and tested, complete marketing tool kit, that guarantees you results.

Unrivalled team

Our team of industry experts put decades of experience in your corner.

Customer engagement

We’ve spent years testing and providing our model, to successfully drive patients to you.

Financial success

Our proven model empowers you with the team, tools and expertise to achieve your financial goals.

Our culture is our foundation

It’s a family thing

We give our partners the freedom of being an independent and the feeling of being part of a family business – but with the support they’d only have expected from a conglomerate. So they can provide the very best professional care and prosper.

“What I like about Amplify is the honesty between us all from the top down. We all feel like a big family, like we are on the same level and help is there as soon as you need it.” – Joint Venture Partner, Aamir Khan, AK Audiology.

Independence & partnership

Because one size doesn’t fit all

Mastering the process of matching the partner with the correct opportunity is critical. Our experienced team have delivered a 100% track record over the past decade of getting this marriage right.

Every one of our partners enjoys being independent, with the autonomy to be themselves without compromise, and having the security of a family that has their interests at heart and supports them in providing unrivalled patient care. What’s more, they all enjoy an attractive profit every year and every single one who has come on board over the past 15 years, has stayed with us!

We have optical host clinics waiting for an Audiologist Joint Venture Partner. To see the opportunities we are looking to fill, please see our list of current vacancies.


Audiology innovation,
not limitation

The freedom of being an independent Amplify partner means you have the peace of mind of offering clinical excellence and empathetic patient care, without any brand limitation.

And because the Amplify management team have jointly been in the independent hearing care industry collectively for over 60 years, you’re assured that we know a thing or two about achieving the best outcomes from ALL the hearing industry manufacturers.

We give you the freedom to offer audiological innovation to your patients at a fair price, and at the same time, have a flourishing business too.

Working together
for our patients

Patients are at the forefront of everything we do. We’re experts in hearing care, supporting local opticians with independent, fully qualified, hearing care professionals. We have a passion for serving local communities and taking care of our patients.

And we support you in your patient flow by providing you with a ‘ready to go’ patient database and a patient booking system that’s easy to use and offers 24/7 visibility.

A partnership as unique as you are

Every one of our Joint Venture Partners are different, and that’s why we work closely with each partner to achieve their goals and dreams. The common denominator in all our partnerships is an equal share of the wealth and our experience to guide and support you at every step.

“Partners bring to Amplify their dreams and vision which are in turn supported by a wonderful back office support network…… it is very different being a partner with Amplify than someone else, but you only really identify the difference when you are within it. There’s huge scope and I recommend you go talk to them.”
Joint Venture Partner, Richard Birch, Unify Hearing

Giving you the time
& tools to excel

Clinical excellence is what we’re all about. We give our partners clinical and professional support to offer free hearing tests, advice on an extensive range of hearing aids, comprehensive aftercare, servicing and repair of hearing aids. And we provide free, comprehensive training for our optical hosts and their entire team of practice colleagues.

“Amplify appealed to me because they give patients time and ultimately that’s what we need to improve people’s lives.”

Joint Venture Partner, Steve Wright, Premier Hearing Care

Small business, large support team

As an Amplify partner, you get the best of both worlds.
You get to be the boss and to run your business the way you want to run it. And at the same time, you get the back-up of an experienced and dedicated team in a successful audiological business to provide support, when and as required.

Full back-office

IT and HR support
and advice


Adoption of the latest technologies

Dynamic and integrated marketing tailored to you

Financial reporting that’s simple and transparent

Technical support on new and existing technologies

Approved suppliers for the best terms

Our promise summary

Independence, autonomy and individuality
Back-office support
Digital presence and social media support
Financial reporting
Marketing support
Adoption of the latest technologies
Providing first class hearing care
Guaranteed patient footfall
Equal share of profits

Independent audiology reinvented

The best way to be part of a bright future is to invent it. Now’s your time to choose to turn your dreams into reality and find your freedom in your career.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be an Amplify partner, and you’re passionate about providing the very best in clinical hearing health care, we look forward to translating your dreams into actions.

Amplify – giving you the freedom to reinvent independent audiology – your way with our support.

Please email me your Joint Venture Partners brochure to find out more.

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